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Pictures showing families and elderly individuals and couples. Celebrating 30 years of caring for Arkansas Families. Donate now. Link to donation page.
Supporting Arkansas Families Since 1984
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81.1% of our income is spent on programs and services to support Arkansas families

OUR VISION is a world in which all persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease have the services that they need.

OUR MISSION is to provide the information and support needed so that all Arkansans affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are able to live with dignity and comfort until a cure is found.

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Community Awareness Presentations and In-Service Training for Professional Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Arkansas staff members are available to present a number of programs to community organizations and groups. The following presentations are listed in categories, but most are interchangeable and will appeal to a variety of audiences. The topics may also be combined. Each presentation is one-hour in length, but the content may be shortened or expanded as needed. To see what is available this month go to our calendar.

Caregivers (Family and Professional)

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Learn about aging issues for persons with Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease / dementia, the stages of Alzheimer’s, and how to make adjustments to accommodate the changes.

  • Caregiver Guilt

  • What are the physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal or spiritual symptoms of the stress caused by caregiver guilt? How can we change and manage guilt?

  • Depression and Dementia

  • Depression is a real disease; a disease that can kill that affects approximately 20 million people in the United States that is about 1 in 10. What are some of the symptoms and how can it be treated?

  • Understanding Difficult Behavior

  • Helping caregivers understand dementia, difficult behaviors and how to respond to them to decrease anxiety for the caregiver and recipient is illustrated here.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease-Communication

  • Communication is the cement that holds our relationships together; when the person with Alzheimer’s disease is changing the language it is up to the caregiver to learn the new language.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Searching for Answers

  • The search is multi-dimensional; this presentation looks at various aspects of research, several theories and current efforts in Arkansas.

  • Long-Term Planning: Levels of Care

  • Learn what behaviors to expect at different functioning levels, how to recognize when you are at a certain level, and what care you will need when you get there.

  • General Public and Caregivers

    Normal Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • What is normal aging? What is dementia and what are some of the indicators that are curable? How is Alzheimer’s disease treated?

  • Diet and Exercise: Keys to a Better Memory

  • It is risky business to not take good care of our body so that we can keep our brain in good shape!! Our healthy habits hold the keys that unlock the ability to boost brain neurons and keep our body healthy.

  • Mind Games: Making My Memory Work!

  • Memory is not all in our head! The body plays and important part in all learning. This workshop will present a remarkable synthesis of body movement, nutrition, exercise, emotional expression, social and physical environment that will explain the need to combine these forces for memory improvement. Also appropriate for caregivers.

  • Faith Congregations and General Public

    Alzheimer’s Disease: Your Ministry?

  • Some congregations are making a concerted area to minister to the needs of caregivers. This presentation helps us understand the behaviors and the needs of the person with the diagnosis as well as those of the caregiver.

  • Support Groups

  • A description of the historical as well as the current need for community support.


    Presentations to family caregivers, the general public, and non-profit organizations are free. However, attendees who want Continuing Education Credits must pay $10.00 per hour, per person. For non-profit organizations the maximum charge for CEUs is $100.00 (covers 10 or more persons).

    CEU’s for individuals are available only for presentations lasting one-hour or more at $10.00. Participants must sign in and complete the evaluation form.

    In-service training for direct service staff in for-profit nursing facilities, in-home care agencies, day care centers, and other organizations costs $50.00 per hour (or any part of an hour), plus mileage at 35 cents per mile. $50.00 plus mileage is the minimum charge.

    For information contact Priscilla Pittman, Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Arkansas


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